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Hand Packer Grading

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Moba 68 / Moba 88

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Hand Packer Grading Machinery

MOBA’s low-volume Graders provide a vital link in the world’s egg industry, which depends on MOBA’s fully automatic, high-capacity egg grading and egg packing systems, which can process up to 180,000 eggs per hour.

An even more important aspect of the global egg business is smaller scale commercial poultry farming operations. These smaller scale egg producers still have similar demands for reliability, easy maintenance, efficiency and profitability when it comes to egg grading and egg packing equipment.

MOBA is the acknowledged leader in this field. Tens of thousands of these hand graders have served egg farmers of varying sizes for decades.

With the ability to choose between 4 or 7 grades, and the capacity to grade and pack from 1,600 to 4,500 eggs per hour, these hand graders require hardly any maintenance, use very little power and are easily operated.

Besides the entry-level Mobanette 3, the hand packer egg grading machines are all manufactured out of stainless steel and high-quality industrial plastic for ease of cleaning and years of maintenance-free service.

For more information, please download the following PDF:

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Mobanette 3 & Moba 68/88 Hand Packers PDF Brochure

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Hand Packers

Mobanette 3

4 or 7 grades, 1,600 eggs per hour. The Mobanette 3 needs hardly any maintenance, uses very little power and is easily operated by one person. Just plug it into a wall socket and it is ready to go to work for you. The tubular lamp gives you a good view of all eggs being candled while you handle infeed and packing. At a weight of just 20.6 kg (45 lbs), the Mobanette 3 can be regarded as the egg farmer’s most versatile power tool

Moba 68

4 or 7 grades, 3,000 eggs per hour. The Moba 68 is tailor-made for medium-sized farms because it allows you to switch from one-man operation to two-man operation in seconds. It is just a matter of positioning the candling mirror to the left or to the right of the infeed conveyor.

Like all Moba machines, the 68 is simply an extremely solidly constructed of stainless steel, guaranteeing many years of service with a minimum of maintenance. The housing of industrial plastic ensures easy cleaning.

Moba 88

4 or 7 grades, 4,500 eggs per hour. High production with just two operators makes the Moba 88 a very sound investment indeed. For it retains all the virtues of simplicity and low maintenance requirement that characterize this entire low-volume range. The compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to locate the machine in the most convenient spot. An extra tray table is part of the standard equipment. And this machine is also constructed of stainless steel.

Mobanette 3, 68/88 Specifications

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